This screen dis- plays a list of the users currently connected to the Gateway accessing the Internet with Network Address Translation security activated. In the Network window, click To turn off the wireless radio, click in the circle next to Off. No settings other than connecting or disconnecting from the Internet can be changed from the Current Status screen. The letters correspond to the following settings: Allows error messages, text packages, and informational messages to be transferred over the Internet.

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When a computer is connected to the Internet, it can exchange information with any other computer on the Internet. Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 9.

Do I need to restart my computer to refresh my IP address? Actiontec 54 Mbps Wirelsss DSL Gateway User Manual This feature allows the user to control the Wireless LAN Network by denying or allowing wireless access by specifying the Address of the wireless client s allowed or denied on the wireless network After changing settings, click Next gateeay Back to continue, or Save and Restart to make all changes permanent.

The Gateway is connected to a computer via USB. Chapter 7 Setting Up a Network 8. The default username for the router is admin all lower case.


Read the on-screen instructions, then click Finish. Is the Gateway flash-upgradeable? Show More Show Less. Skip to main content. Get the yellow Ethernet cable from the kit and plug one end into the yellow Ethernet port on the back of the Gateway, then click Next.


If a telephone was unplugged wirelesss the green a telephone is connected to the computer, select Yes. There are five ways to do this: Plug the other end of the yellow Ethernet cable into an Ethernet port on the back of the computer, then click Next. To set up the Gateway, it must be connected to a computer, and then configured. If you want to take your computing to the next level, the Actiontec 54 Mbps Wireless Gateway is sure to be one of the keys to your success. Get the Gateway from the kit, then click Next.

Actiontec GT701-WG 54 Mbps Wireless DSL Gateway

Gt701wf 7 Setting Up a Network A number may be displayed after the Local Area Connection. If using a network application that allows remote access, consider install- ing a firewall. This option should only be used if the Gateway is being used as a Modem to connect one computer to the Internet via a DSL connection. Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 8.

If more than one Local Area Connection is listed, locate the one that corresponds to the network card installed in your computer by finding gateay name of the network card in the Device Name column. Gateway A central device that manages the data traffic of the network, as well as data traf- fic to and from the Internet.


For providing a seamless wireless connectivity, this Actiontec Wireless G Router is equipped with an onboard Will gatteway Xbox work with the Gateway? Notices Notices Regulatory Compliance Notices Class B Equipment This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class digital device, pursuant to Part provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installa- tion.

ActionTec Wireless DSL Gateway GT701WG User Manual

Doing so may result in permanent damage to the Gateway. Chapter 4 Using Advanced Setup PPP Auto Connect auto connect is activated by clicking in the appropriate check agtewaythe Gateway will attempt to automatically redial the or disconnected during an online session.

Page 38 Chapter 3 Performing a Basic Setup 6. It is recommended the user run the Installation Buddy first, before attempting any other procedures. Glossary Access Point 54mbpss device that allows wireless clients to connect to one another.

Remove the phone filters from the clear bag. In the Network window, click Power, Ethernet,and Wireless.

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