I have similar equipment, but my knowledge is only from experiment and trial and error. These are available on Intel’s website. Wont there be a problem with the bios as well Got the board today and it is looking fine. And I think this could also be the reason why there’ll be a Bad Axe 2 motherboard for Kentsfield, but that’s another story. Here are some preliminary pics. Face86 , Oct 31,

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Not to mention the dozens of others who surely did the same.

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They have reasonable price. But i dont know which Ohm they have and where they have a contact VladiXDJan 13, The normal switching frequency is ca. Is it working with a x P5WD2 Mainboard too? I don’t really consider these as really good. Why should I in the first place? I see a fairly good chance now to get a Conroe to work on my Black Creek.

Here are some preliminary pics. If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me.

I really wanted to do this more thoroughly than just repeating the knonw mods. Thanks for the tipp!


Adp Sound Driver – Download Drivers

Should be the exact predecessor of the well known “Bad Axe”. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have a look at the problem for the next few months. Or could you tell me how I may get copys of them? I’m away for the weekend, so I don’t know when I’ll find the time for some testing.

You mean i should do all the steps you did on the photos? Will see what it can do when it arrives here. The mods needed to make the lower revisions compatible soun already known and you’d only have to trace their functions. Will the CPU post at only 1. Hi jialinc, do you have and email add or ym?

Will purchase a PTM1.

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Could you post a link to the datasheets you refer to? BrightSmithAug 30,in forum: Ah I thought that processor on LGA have not got pins. I think I could start a new thread and put my repairing records on the net, so people can see the depth of component level repair. Wrong info edited out. I have a travelmate andboth of them have faulty ports, and the cause on both of them were mobile phones, just yesterday i connected a W, the screen started blinking, had to hard reset, after sounnd on again the CMOS reported soundd checksum, reset the cmos and got in windows, but since then none of the usb ports are working.


Clear win for the Conroe. Zdp3188 you have a link or any way that I could them? Will inspect the board and the possible mod ASAP.

This is something typical error, i think. I dont think its a big problem either, most things can be dissabled and if not then i’d put a guess that it’ll be using an SPI interface which is somethig a mico could easilly ‘fake’ for us.

Exactly my assumption so far. Did the “Conroe-Mod” today on my Black Creek. Also changed my mind concerning the E

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