For more information, see section 8. For more information, see the following:. When the emergency passes, the thread will go away and normal life resumes. So the ACPI “driver” is in the mainline for now. Report the thermal zone’s temperature: Lid device This device describes and reports the status of a clamshell device’s lid. In the meantime, I personally suspect we probably never want to even try to solve it in the scheduler, because why the hell should we care and add complex logic for something like that?

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The ACPI processor aggregator driver

Choose the type you’d like to provide: In fact, the only reason the scheduler people even know about it is that Len at first tried to do something more invasive, and was shot down.

It is expected that the time on the platform will be consistent when different firmware interfaces are used to query the platform time.

If the ACPI hardware starts sounding the red alert, this driver will create a top-priority realtime thread and bind it to the CPU provessor is to be idled.

Sensor devices track the temperature in each thermal zone. Report processo thermal zone’s temperature: The story goes something like this. This device describes, configures, and reports the status of the platform battery. When a thermal zone starts to overheat, the operating system can take actions to cool down the devices in the zone.


For more information, see section 8. The driver is little loved, but it will also be little used, can be replaced with a better mechanism if the right aggregaor care, and, in the mean time, it may solve a real problem for some users.

These changes, it seems, were little loved; that was the patch that Peter Zijlstra blocked outright.

As I am about to start a project around Linux, realtime with electrical economy in mind, I will both watch and intervene on the subject – for its good I hope: Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback.

And that’s where things stand.

ACPI-defined devices

To support ACPI thermal management, the system designer logically partitions a hardware platform into one or more physical regions called thermal zones. For example, ACPI defines a power button, a sleep button, and system indicators.

That thread, when it “runs,” will simply put the CPU into a relatively deep sleep state for a while. For more information, see section ACPI thermal zones A thermal zone is defined to include child objects that do the following: Thermal zones To support ACPI thermal management, the system designer logically partitions a hardware platform into one or more physical processorr called thermal zones.

For more information about thermal management, see the document titled “Thermal Management in Windows” on the Microsoft Connect website. A certain commit merged for 2. The time capabilities of the Time and Alarm device are required for platforms that support the InstantGo feature and the Connected Standby power mode.


Optionally, receive notifications of additional temperature threshold crossings: It’s a bit of a hack, but it gets the job done, and it is not destructive to system state the way hot-unplugging the CPU would be.

Lid device This device acpl and reports the status of a agbregator device’s lid. There are no open issues.

ACPI Processor Aggregator Driver (acpipagr) Service Defaults in Windows 10

The proper fix would be to enhance the scheduler the right way to provide this functionality. These actions can be categorized as either passive cooling or active cooling. And it may stay that way; Linus said: But that almost certainly requires the intervention of a real scheduler hacker, and they haven’t yet gotten around to solving the problem.

Acoi more information, see the following: Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. The platform can indicate to the operating system that processor cores in the thermal zone should be idled instead processoe throttled.

Describe the thermal zone’s passive cooling behavior: The pursuit of practicality over aesthetic qualities; a concentration on facts rather than emotions or ideals.

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