What to do at Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is becoming a popular holiday destination, and it’s a fact. This popularity is growing steadily. Cabo San Lucas offers something for every holidaymaker, including privately secluded getaways, beach weddings, nightclubs and activities. In this article, I will talk about the seven main affairs in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. If you are planning a holiday in Cabo, here is a list of What to do at Cabo San Lucas

Horse riding on the beach

Riding is available for all riders on several stables in the Cabo San Lucas area. There are trails in which you are accompanied by a guide. Trail rides can range from a trip to the desert, to a beach walk or to beautiful rock formations. In any case, this is a great way to see most of the landscapes of Cabo San Lucas. Horse riding is also available for the whole family, and younger children ride with adults. For those of you who are horse lovers, you can see the clean horses of the Andulian Islands: the Quadra San Francisco-Stable. If the beach is too far away from affordable hotels, look at the villas at https://enjoymexico.net/villa-rentals-cabo-san-lucas/.

Whale watching

Whales pass several hundred meters from the coast of Cabo San Lucas every year. The best time to watch whales is from January to March when the grey whale is migrating. There are several ways to observe whales in Cabo San Lucas. There are boat tours that offer whale watching. Boats of different sizes carry hundreds of whale watchers to see these marine mammals when they visit our peninsula every year in their annual migration. At present, it is not uncommon when a curious whale approaches a boat. Although no trip can guarantee whales, the odds are certainly in your favour. The smaller the boat, the better your chances of approaching.

Drink the most famous club Cabo San Lucas

Kanto Cabo Wabo is the most famous club of Kabo, owned by Sammy Hagar. If you are in the city at the same time as Sammy, you can even see his impromptu. If you are unlucky, you can still enjoy the atmosphere that Cabo Wabo can offer and live music in most nights. Cabo Wabo also offers a menu filled with American and Mexican cuisine to feed your hunger.

Trekking in the desert

You should be especially careful when travelling through the desert places of Cabo. You will need twice as much water as usual. Trekking through the desert is absolutely spectacular. The pedestrian route in the desert is better in winter, and the temperature is about 70. In summer you can go to the desert, but in the early morning, you must go camping. It is dangerous to hike alone, and it’s best to hire an experienced guide from this area, just lose it.

Bird sanctuary

Near the centre of San Jose del Cabo is the mouth of San Jose and a bird sanctuary. In the sanctuary, you will find about 200 species of exotic birds, which include herons, herons and brown pelicans. You can rent a kayak to experience this sanctuary. Sunrise and sunset are the most picturesque times to visit; However, if you are an active bird watcher and want to see the species and identify them, you may want to visit during the day. There is also an information centre that answers any of your questions. Admission is free at the mouth of San Jose and a bird sanctuary.