What is a water flosser and how it can help improve your dental health

We’ve all been there, sitting on a dentist’s chair when suddenly they pop the uncomfortable, albeit predictable question of “Do you floss your teeth regularly”. Most of us will shrug or make an uncomfortable gesture because even though we all understand how important it is, it is so menial and boring we forego the practice. However, that may well be a thing of the past due to a new product: The water flosser.

What is a water flosser?
A water flosser is a device made to replace the traditional, string flossers, and make flossing a more enjoyable experience. In the simplest terms, a water flosser is a device which uses a concentrated water jet to achieve the same effect you would by pulling a string between your teeth.

Unlike traditional floss, which has little room for improvement, water flossers exist in many shapes and forms, enabling the user to decide for themselves how they enjoy doing their flossing, learn more at https://dentaldorks.com. These also include much ease of use perks compared to regular floss, as they regularly come with multiple flosser tips, these are specialized extensions designed to enhance the flosser’s ability to perform one of its functions, such as plaque removal in specific.

Another interesting thing about water flossers is that there’s plenty of competition on the market, forcing companies to further improve their products. There are also multiple varieties, with some water flossers being bound to your faucet, while others can be as small as to fit in your pocket, and have their own water supply.

How can it improve my dental health?
Well firstly, it makes flossing a more bearable experience. It is also far more satisfying to watch debris and plaque removed by a jet of water rather than a string suspended on two ends by your hands. Also unlike traditional floss, which is somewhat of an art when it comes to usage, water flossers are much simpler to use effectively. You aim it at your teeth, pick your pressure setting and you’re set to go. The pressure of the water jet also makes it feel as something more meaningful and impactful is being done, making the experience of flossing much more rewarding.

A common misconception is that water flossers are somehow inferior to stringed ones, however, this is not the case. Water flossers have been scientifically proven to remove plaque, prevent cavities as well as prevent gum disease better than stringed floss. They’re also much more helpful for those of us that wear bracers, while stringed floss is hard to get where you want it, water flossers reach in between your dentures with little to no issue. This also applies to bridges, crowns and other sorts of dental implants.

In conclusion, we believe water flossers are a great addition to any bathroom. This is regardless of whether or not you floss religiously, once a day, or if you’re much spottier when it comes to taking care of your teeth. While they do cost significantly more, an important thing to note is that string needs to get replaced, while a water flosser can last for a lifetime. For those still sceptical, think about it this way: Which is more expensive, a water flosser, or a few additional dental appointments?