The Psychic Advantage

Psychics are said to either tell you life happenings either in the future or the present, the or tell you why certain issues are on ones life either through plan reading or cards. It is interesting how human beings want to know reasons for certain happenings in their lives and also what to expect in the future.

The beauty about knowing your future is you can plan but let’s be realistic about this it will be less fun. I am a strong believer in getting to a new day with a clear mind. However, we cannot rule out that understanding the future and source of certain problems, can guide in adjusting ones life to fit that which is set in the future or a better understanding of why certain issues occur. This resulting in seeking the services of a psychic at

The belief that a psychic can tell you how to do so is farfetched especially if the say that this is an inborn talent. Most people are scammed to believing that what they are read on is the Gospel truth. This is a lie. Let’s assume you see a dentist and they tell you it in born. I wouldn’t let this dentist take an inch close to me. I would expect proper training through study and practice. Same applies to psychics who tell people it’s an in born skill.

I believe psychics should have some training on therapy, healing and coaching. They ought to be certified as qualified psychics. A psychic who tells you it’s an “inborn” will tend to ask leading questions so he can get as much information from you and use that to predict your future and this in most cases is a lie. This readings lead people to not explore what life has to offer to them. In my country we see pastors who claim they can read ones future. This is used as a tool to get money from people who believe that their problems will be sorted out.

Most people are in desperate situations and scamming psychics know what such people want to hear and how to get as much money as they can even when they are aware they don’t have the relevant training, do not have a money back policy neither do they allow for their clients to make their own choice but instead impose their believes on them. In such a case there should be a money back policy. A psychic who give you a money back guarantee seems skilled in what they do.

Desperate situations lead to need to seek fast solutions. It is important to note that psychics love desperate people and will seek to tell them what is sweet to hear. The person seeking psychic services should be more receptive and ensure non-disclosure. Seek to know what the training background of the psychic is and be a person of low expectations. Most importantly life has lots in stock for us to make living a worthwhile experience for all people.