Beating On Africa’s Finest Drum


Drums are one of humankinds first instruments used for plenty of reasons, originally Macaque monkeys rhythmically beat on tress to make noises, we evolved that mode of sound and found better uses for it. Talking drums were used to convey message over large areas because they mimic the speech tones and patterns of humans. Drums were also used for artistic purposes, for entertainment in music, to spiritual and cultural uses as drums were mainly used in ceremonies drumming in the tune of a prayer. Drums also found applications the army as it set pace for marching and giving out quick orders on battle phases during war.

Every drum has their unique background of cultural heritage and story, one unique drum comes from the continent of Africa called Djembe. It’s a simple drum made where the skin is stretched over a pot and the notes are tuned finely by ropes. Its body is carved out of hardwood and the skin stretched over it is traditionally uncured animal raw hides, it’s really common for it to be made from goatskin. The small drums can weigh around 5kg and the medium ones gets heavier for around 9kg. it’s aver versatile drum, and it is loud that can be clearly heard over a large ensemble of music by various instruments, it’s purpose lies in telling an emotional, personal and meaningful story.

There few things to mainly consider when buying a Djembe, these mainly are, the wood used for construction, traditionally African Mahogany, lenge or iroko wood is used, if strong wood is used, the inside is carved thinner without any decrease in it’s durability. Of course, there are options from synthetic materials for the build.

The skin over the drum is still mainly goat head skin today, but you can still get fiberglass heads as an alternative.

Tuning any instrument is important, there are two types of ways Djembes come in tuning methods, first are Rope-Tuned Djembes, these are traditional and you tune it by a process called “Mail weave”, by weaving the rope in a diamond pattern around the drum, it is much easier than it looks and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials which would help you through the process.

Key-tuned djembes are the second kind, this is more in close to normal modern drums as you tune the instruments by tightening or loosening the lug bolts on the side of your drum.

Now comes the pricing, of course you can go buy the cheapest Djembe but that does not guarantee a good quality or durability, there are good decent ones costing around 99$, with major brand specializing in this drum such as, Toco, Remo, Latin Percussion, Mid-East Ethnic Percussion, Typhoon percussion. Of course, if you don’t mind few dents, or scratches or discolorations, you can opt to buy used ones.

Whichever you choose, you will definitely be able to connect deep within your soul, and discover the sound of music, and trance along in a rhythmic beat of the drums, while you feel the bass of the beat rumble against your palm, filling your world with music, truly enchanting from the heavens and time.

Dangers of losing your social security card


If you are looking for the consequences of losing your security card then worry no more, since you have come to the right site for you. Remember your security code is offered by the government hence is essential in managing your life and financial affairs. As long as you are granted for US. citizenship then you are required to apply for your security code. This number is essential when you are applying forjob, verifying your identification for various verification and filling taxes.

Dangers of losing your social security card they are as follows:

Entrance to Personal Information

If anybody accesses your security code, he or she can retrieve your private and personal data, comprising of sensitive information which is protected, your education records and also your health information. They can even go to an extent of registering for driver’s licenses, other forms of identification and also passports. Increase security by getting a new card with the help of

Replacement Card Process

You are required to apply for a new social security card when your initial one gets lost. This procedure includes giving out several documents which will show that you are yourself who you are claiming to be, exactly your passport, birth certificate and driver’s license. This process of reapplying a new security card can take you several weeks and it’s done in your local Administration department. In your lifetime you are offered 10 chances of replacing your card.

Identity Theft

Theft is one of the serious reasons of losing your social security code, If unprincipled person spots it helshe can use it or even sells it, Your private individuality can be undermined. They can use your employment background information, address and date of birth to apply credit. Also they can rack money from your bank.

Credit and Identity Monitoring

If your security number has been undermined or lost, it’s essential that you be keen and you seriously monitor your credit record and your private financial data so that you will be sure that in the near future there is nobody who will be using your code to open financial account and even apply credit. It’s essential to exploit a protection service and credit monitoring which will be alerting you anytime your social security code is used to secure you from scam.


After replacing your card and you have received it, put it in a secure place until you seriously need it. You are advised to stop carrying the card anywhere because of the probability of misplacing it again.

A social security card is the most significant information a thief can use to make you suffer for years, you should not be carrying it in your wallet .But if you lose your card you are required to take an immediate action to protect yourself from scam.

In fact there are several dangers of losing your security card the list is endless but the above mentioned are some of the consequences. The ones we have explained above are some of the essential consequences of losing your security card. If you are comfortable with them then try several of them.

Fighting Pet Cancer

Pet cancer has become quite a common phenomenon in the United States. According to the National Cancer Institute, more than six million dogs and six million cats are diagnosed with cancer every year. The prevalence of the epidemic is attributed to environmental and lifestyle factors as well as genetics. Additionally, pet cancer affects any part of the body, and albeit it is somewhat unavoidable, pet owners can adopt viable ways from the Blue Buffalo youtube channel to protect their pets from the disease.

Frequent checkups are integral to ensuring that cancer is detected early. On this note, doctors can identify signs related to the disease and commence treatment soon enough. Further, older pets are more susceptible to cancer and therefore require more attention. Typically, they need to have medical checkups after every six months to avert any possibility of getting the disease.

A healthy diet can significantly reduce the chances of cancer development in a pet. Contrary to the notion that feeding a pet with meat is a way of avoiding disease, doctors claim that a balanced diet and one that contains vegetables is essential for a healthy life. Also, switching a pet’s diet more often is a sure way of keeping the pet away from health issues.

Equally important in fighting cancer in pets is having sufficient knowledge about a pet’s background. Worth noting, some breeds of pets have a predilection for cancer; Cocker Spaniels, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Boxers are among the breeds that are more vulnerable. While acquiring a pet, it is necessary to inquire about the lineage of the pet to have prior information about its

Exposing pets to toxicants can significantly increase the chances of developing cancer. Previous studies have shown that pets that live in environments with high levels of tobacco are often diagnosed with oral cancer. Also, dogs living in urban settings are prone to nasal tumors that lead to cancer. Therefore, providing a clean environment for pets is necessary in fighting pet cancer.

One should be observant to note any unusual changes in the skin’s color of a pet which often predict certain types of cancer.
Further, regulating the time that pets spend basking in the sun is recommended as sunlight is a causative agent for the disease. More vulnerable are the white-furred cats that are prone to suffering from nose, eyelid, and ear cancer. Doctors advise that pet owners should immediately report any skin or fur changes as it could be an early warning of cancer.

Pet owners ought to keep their pets at an ideal weight to keep them free of diseases including cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. A trim body condition can be achieved by observing the pets’ diet and engaging them in regular exercises.

Pets need proper medication to stay healthy. Although there are no preventative drugs for cancer, use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs has been proven to be viable in treating cancer. However, they should only be used under the guidance of a veterinary officer.

It is within the responsibility of pet owners to take care of their pets and ensure that they are free of cancer.

The Psychic Advantage

Psychics are said to either tell you life happenings either in the future or the present, the or tell you why certain issues are on ones life either through plan reading or cards. It is interesting how human beings want to know reasons for certain happenings in their lives and also what to expect in the future.

The beauty about knowing your future is you can plan but let’s be realistic about this it will be less fun. I am a strong believer in getting to a new day with a clear mind. However, we cannot rule out that understanding the future and source of certain problems, can guide in adjusting ones life to fit that which is set in the future or a better understanding of why certain issues occur. This resulting in seeking the services of a psychic at

The belief that a psychic can tell you how to do so is farfetched especially if the say that this is an inborn talent. Most people are scammed to believing that what they are read on is the Gospel truth. This is a lie. Let’s assume you see a dentist and they tell you it in born. I wouldn’t let this dentist take an inch close to me. I would expect proper training through study and practice. Same applies to psychics who tell people it’s an in born skill.

I believe psychics should have some training on therapy, healing and coaching. They ought to be certified as qualified psychics. A psychic who tells you it’s an “inborn” will tend to ask leading questions so he can get as much information from you and use that to predict your future and this in most cases is a lie. This readings lead people to not explore what life has to offer to them. In my country we see pastors who claim they can read ones future. This is used as a tool to get money from people who believe that their problems will be sorted out.

Most people are in desperate situations and scamming psychics know what such people want to hear and how to get as much money as they can even when they are aware they don’t have the relevant training, do not have a money back policy neither do they allow for their clients to make their own choice but instead impose their believes on them. In such a case there should be a money back policy. A psychic who give you a money back guarantee seems skilled in what they do.

Desperate situations lead to need to seek fast solutions. It is important to note that psychics love desperate people and will seek to tell them what is sweet to hear. The person seeking psychic services should be more receptive and ensure non-disclosure. Seek to know what the training background of the psychic is and be a person of low expectations. Most importantly life has lots in stock for us to make living a worthwhile experience for all people.

Marketing in Tampa


Tampa is one of the cities in the United States of America. It is found in the Hillsborough county in the state of Florida. It’s population is estimated to be 377,165. The region is well known for different categories of small businesses such as home improvements and repairs, which includes general contractors, carpet and rug cleaners, plumbing contractors, bathroom remodeling and roofing contractors; breweries and distillers where we have tasting rooms, wineries, family friendlies, tours and live music; bars which boast of live music, different types of wine, dance floors, discjockeys and sports; and finally, there are restaurants which serve America food, sea food, Mexican food, Italian dishes, pizza, coffee houses and Chinese food. There are over 98 Internet marketing agencies operating in Tampa. Here look at the type of online marketing services provided by a few of them as listed below:

Allison’s Alligator Digital Storytellers

They specialize in development of websites, commercial videography, photography productions and give guidance on the best practices to adopt through their bloggers.

Cicor Marketing. They help in the promotion of business through internet advertisements. They work closely with the business community to promote consumer awareness, provide up to date information about the state of the market and place advertisements of new products in the market. All these information run on their website which is easily accessible via search engines.

Pure Digital marketing

This group of companies help both small and medium businesses to grow through internet marketing strategies. They have certified technicians in website design and development, the latest internet tools and fastest search engines. – RevLocal This provides digital marketing for businessmen in Tampa. They help the businessmen search for new markets and also in maintaining the already existing markets. They have a healthy relationship with their clients which enables them to offer cheap, fast and reliable marketing.


This is another internet marketing agency that has generated millions of lead and revenue to the business community of Tampa. They help businessmen to recover from penalties, assist with conversion rates and give pieces of advise to businessmen on how to grow their businesses. All these information are contained on their website.

Rocket Marketing

This agency is in St. Petersburg. They assist their clients to gain solid presence of markets to appreciate. Their main clients include multinational corporations, celebrities, one-man bands and local businessmen. They achieve their marketing strategies through press relations, reputation managements, e-mails and optimized search engines.

-Big Sea Agency

This is another agency that works closely with the universities and family entertainment centers. They assist these institutions in branding, maintaining good public relations, inbound marketing, reputation management and local listing.

They provides strategic marketing. They work hard to understand the needs of each and every client and also the expectations of each project. They participate fully in project planning, monitoring, implementation and evaluation. They play a role in social media marketing, pay-per-click advertisements, mobile marketing and re-marketing.

As noticed from the roles played by different internet marketing agencies in in Tampa, it can be deduced that internet marketing has significantly helped small businessmen in Tampa to: create effective and large markets for their products; get quick responses from their customers about their products; reduce the cost of production of their products; and finally in finding new customers for their products. There is therefore enough evidence to show that internet marketing has worked for small businessmen in Tampa.

All What to Know About Payment Processors


For busy merchants, taking credit or debit card payments from customers is probably something they do on a daily basis. However, it is likely that they don’t think much about it. Some do not even know exactly how a payment processor works, and what could be the problem with their payments solutions if an issue arises. Below is a look at what to know all about payment processors such as High Risk Solutions.

There are two terms that are often used interchangeably although they actually mean two deferent things: ‘acquirer’ and ‘payment processor.’ An acquirer is a financial institution whose role is to process credit or debit card transactions. On the other hand, a payment processor is an organization that communicates with the issuing financial institutions. It acts as a link between a merchant and the banks dealing with payment transactions. A payment processor authorizes transactions and makes sure that the merchant gets paid on time by enabling movement of funds from customers’ accounts to the merchant’s account.

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) was launched in 2004. It is a list of requirements meant to ensure that organizations processing, storing, and transmitting card information does so in a secure environment. All merchants that accept credit or debit card payments are supposed to abide by PCI DSS regulations. If a merchant fails comply, then they are vulnerable to data breaches and the subsequent negative consequences such as lost business, fees, and fines. Since PCI compliance can at times be complex, some payment processors offer their merchants assistance. Such compliance assistance includes breach coverage, hands-on help, check-lists, and
more. It is worth bearing in mind that PCI mandates are regularly updates. Thus, it is advisable for a merchant to seek the services of an experienced payment processor that offers an ideal PCI compliance assistance package.

Most people have probably heard of chip or EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) cards by now. EMV terminals have become a household name since the October 2015 when there was a shift in fraud chargeback liability. This shift brought about new responsibilities for merchants related to card fraud. What it means is that if a merchant processes a chip card on a terminal that is not EMV-enabled, they can be held responsible should any fraud occur. Prior to the liability shift, businesses could divert the blame to credit card firms if card-related fraud occurred. This is no longer the case. It is advisable for merchants to upgrade to an EMV-enabled terminal in order to assist in preventing card-related fraud. All in all, it is worth noting that the EMV does not offer any protection against a breach. Hence, a merchant should always inquire from their payment processor on the available solutions so as to prevent the theft of sensitive card data.

Card payments are not as simple as they may appear. Seeking the services of a reputable payment processor can go a long way in easing the process. The right processor will keep a merchant informed about card payments while addressing any queries or questions.

Lost Social Security Card – Handling the Situation


Unfortunate situations of people losing sensitive personal documents occur. The Social Security Card is one of them. Some people cite theft as the cause. Others could have been theft victims. Anyone can use it to cause a damaging image to your credit status or life. The way you react matters a lot. It gets worse when the person in possession of the card has ill motives. However, awareness saves the day. It’s imperative that you know the steps such as the ss-5 application. When tied up in such a situation, make them a habit.Involve the police

For security purposes, the first place to pay a visit should be the nearest police station. File a report that elaborates your predicament. At this instant, be generous with truthful information.
Implement a fraud alert

Requesting a security alert at credit reporting agencies is free. A company like Experian allows one to do so online or by phone or by mail. This way, creditors are aware of any fraudulent activities. It’s also advisable that you examine your credit report. Credit reporting agencies might have slightly conflicting information. Therefore, take copies from the others too. Review the reports to confirm that you are responsible for the details therein. If you detect any fraudulent transactions, report to the agencies and the police as well. It doesn’t end there. There is more. It’s important, that you inform any institutions that are associated with your Social Security Number. For instance, banks, creditors, and schools. Inform them that you are a possible target of theft identity. Habitually monitor your credit report. Replacing the card

As you monitor your credit status, make plans of getting another card. Locate and visit the nearest Social Security Administration Office.

If you are over eighteen, visit the office with unexpired documents. These are State ID, Driver’s License or a US Passport. This applies to US citizens. Non-citizens should have a Resident card or an Employment Authorization one. A Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of Citizenship will be required for US citizens not born home. They were once resident aliens. The replacement can be done with or without an application.

If you are under eighteen, the process is slightly different. The child can go in person. However, SSA needs their documents. A child’s driver’s license, State ID or US Passport are the most used. Others are religious baptismal cards, school ID, and vaccination record.They only have to be signed, legitimate, and contain the name and date of birth. For children under the age of twelve years, the parent or guardian uses their legal documents together with the child’s ID.

SSA can only replace your card and on very rare occasions do they assign a new number. If you are a victim of identity theft that has caused vicious harm to your credit then you may be assigned a new number. However, the new one is still linked to the old number.

Each person is only allowed ten card replacements in their lifetime. Take good responsibility for your card. However, if you find yourself entangled in an unavoidable ID loss, be sure to follow the above steps.


As a specialist in roofing, one needs to put all the available opportunities into test and come up with the most appropriate one that will benefit their work. There are so many benefits that arise from using wholesalers in commercial roofing contractors activities. This article briefly touches on some of the benefits of wholesaler roofing.  Using of wholesalers for roofing purposes presents one with the opportunity to access all the available types as well as styles applicable to roofing, more so metal roofing.

This is because researching on the possible suppliers for metal roofing has never been an easy thing. The leading cause for this is the fact that most of the suppliers tend to focus on vertical style roofing or other models that make the roofing outcome a bit wanting. Due to their specifications, many of the consumers end up getting the wrong product. This is the reason as to why one should consider having a wholesaler mode of roofing.

Having a roofing wholesaler helps one reach their location with ease. Depending on the nature of the roof that one wants, it will be able to locate the available wholesalers easily. The cost associated with transportation of roofing materials tend to shoot up depending on the location of the home or site. Thus, much time, as well as expenditures, will be incurred if one had to start looking for the needed materials. To reduce these estimated costs, identifying a wholesaler would be a considerable measure by the consumers.

Another crucial reason for having wholesalers in roofing is experience and expertise. How experienced is the supplier tends to be so important when it comes to roofing. This will lead to the completion of the supply of materials at the right time hence end of the work as expected. Inexperienced wholesalers would lead to the delaying of the elements as they have to carry out a lot of research on the requirements. Those suppliers or wholesalers who have more experience tend to offer products warranty due to the need of maintaining their good reputation.

Another thing that makes it necessary to have a wholesaler in roofing process is the materials used. With one supplier, one can guarantee the quality as well as the grade of the materials and other coatings necessary for the project. A good number of manufacturers tend to use authorized or unapproved materials leading to shoddy work hence failing to meet the consumers’ utility. With one specified wholesaler or supplier, the materials supplied will be of high quality. Many incidences have been witnessed whereby due to the mixing of suppliers one has ended up having elements that are less expensive than their estimated budgets as well as quality. Thus, to maintain the material quality high, it is crucial to identify one wholesaler.

Everyone appreciates the kind of service offered to them at all levels of life. In roofing, the quality of service delivery is a core thing to focus on. This cannot be achieved by having many wholesalers but rather a single one. This helps in maintaining timely shipments as well as other high-quality services.

The Most Popular Superfood

One of the most popular superfoods today is CBD oil. Thanks to its numerous benefits, it has gained massive popularity and mainstream support. People are experiencing real benefits after consuming the product. Despite containing only minute traces of THC, using the oil is considered illegal in many states. Possessing, producing and retailing it are also considered offenses. As such, it is difficult to set up a business that sells CBD oil, but not impossible. The authorities like have made the selling of CBD oil extremely risky. However, you can and should set up a CBD merchant account. There are resources on the Internet that you can use for this purpose. Not only is it beneficial to do so, it is actually necessary. Here are the Dangers of not having a CBD merchant account.

You will not be able to sell any oil

This is literally a no-brainer. Without a merchant account, you will not be able to present the CBD oil, sell it or receive payment to keep your business afloat. It will be impossible to get the CBD oil into your customers’ hands. Therefore, they will miss out on the immense benefits of the tincture. Your consumers need to be able to purchase the product online and for it using the method that they regard most convenient for them. Without a CBD merchant account, all this is impossible. As such, the first order of business should be to register one.

Arrest and prosecution

Without a CBD merchant account, you can get arrested and prosecuted for possession with intent to distribute. Despite cannabidiol being legal in 44 states, it is still viewed as an illegal substance by the relevant agencies. This is the case even if the product hauls in millions of dollars annually in revenue. Its status as an unwanted product by the authorities influences banks to avoid processing payments for companies that sell CBD oil. In fact, banks and other financial institutions will alert the authorities if you try to process payments or this oil through their services. As such, a CBD merchant account gives you a safer way to handle payments. It is therefore necessary to have one before you enter this business.

You will not be able to provide your customers with multiple payment options

An official, legitimate CBD merchant account provides customers with multiple options of payment. Examples of these are credit cards, wire transfer, checks and online payment media. When you do not have this type of account, you offer very limited payment options. Some unscrupulous dealers can sell you a fraudulent CBD oil merchant account that is registered as selling a different product altogether. This limits the payment options for your product. You can even buy into an aggegrate account which combines a wide range of other businesses. This increases the risk of losing the account and the opportunity to sell CBD oil. To avoid these dangers, it is important to register a legitimate, reliable CBD merchant account.


Not only is it highly beneficial for its consumers, CBD oil is a lucrative product. Millions of people worldwide are in search of it due to the benefits of use. To provide them with this product, you need to have a special type of account. Above, the Dangers of not having a CBD merchant account are fleshed out comprehensively.