I have similar problem, with Asus Motherboard, and have been trying to fix it for so long. Hopefully the patch describe by “attikon Ion ” is still working. Or it could be that the problem I had is the same as what other people have, but there is some difference between Ubuntu However I need a permanent fix. Here is my dmesg grep forcedeth: Join Date Feb Beans

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Brian Murray brian-murray on How stable is 2. The time now is I have this consistently. I always thought that ubuntu was a distribution that made the most possible to prevent new users from giving up because of loss of courage.

nVidia MCP55 Network Cards

Yes, this is what it might look with MSI: See full activity log. Hope you will manage to fixe this, i remind you that i’m stil available to test your. As it is I forgot to mention I’m dual booting ubuntu and having booted into windows and back into ubuntu I now have an internet neywork I take back what I’ve said Thnx for the startup edit thing.

Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. Either that has significance of some kind or my problem is inconsistent and intermittent. So, can somebody explain me why this bug won’t be fixed?


Can you try with latest Ubuntu release? Users can try the development Intrepid kernel from the kernel-ppa at http: Mc;55 the Gusty Tribe 5 live installer, open a terminal: May 31st, 1. I agree that some folks won’t use Ubuntu because of this, but I can’t always satisfy everyone.

Step 2, configure the system to do this automatically from now on when it starts otherwise you’ll need to do the above steps every time you boot.

Network problems with nVidia MCP55 network devices | Support | SUSE

So instead of hacking defaults for everybody, the remaining issues really should be fixed in the forcedeth driver, which should somehow detect which hardware works with current defaults and which hardware requires special settings.

On hardware with on board nvidia based network cards the network statistic shows many RX Errors or the network doesn’t come up after booting.

Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn zooko wrote on Matt Zimmerman mdz wrote on Yann Sionneau yann-sionneau wrote on Network problems with nVidia MCP55 network devices This document is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Reverse Engineered nForce ethernet driver. I wanted to get ubuntu working and switch to it but the fact that you need to be a computer geek to use it and I’m obviously not geek enough with 10 years of programming experience and I don’t have any more weeks of my life I’m prepared to waste on it and the fact that this bug is not considered important enough to be dealt with in an update, means it’s back to windows for me.


I can take this to the mailing lists to try to find a reasonable solution.

Sinodun Internet Technologies Ltd

The fix is not obvious. Remember, all my problems were fixed by upgrading to the upstream- linux-gregkh 2.

In the resulting output look at the line starting with ‘Device’, it will show pci 0x Essentially the symptoms are: Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Andreas Petlund andreas-petlund wrote on Here is my lspci -vvnn:

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