Lost Social Security Card – Handling the Situation


Unfortunate situations of people losing sensitive personal documents occur. The Social Security Card is one of them. Some people cite theft as the cause. Others could have been theft victims. Anyone can use it to cause a damaging image to your credit status or life. The way you react matters a lot. It gets worse when the person in possession of the card has ill motives. However, awareness saves the day. It’s imperative that you know the steps such as theĀ ss-5 application. When tied up in such a situation, make them a habit.Involve the police

For security purposes, the first place to pay a visit should be the nearest police station. File a report that elaborates your predicament. At this instant, be generous with truthful information.
Implement a fraud alert

Requesting a security alert at credit reporting agencies is free. A company like Experian allows one to do so online or by phone or by mail. This way, creditors are aware of any fraudulent activities. It’s also advisable that you examine your credit report. Credit reporting agencies might have slightly conflicting information. Therefore, take copies from the others too. Review the reports to confirm that you are responsible for the details therein. If you detect any fraudulent transactions, report to the agencies and the police as well. It doesn’t end there. There is more. It’s important, that you inform any institutions that are associated with your Social Security Number. For instance, banks, creditors, and schools. Inform them that you are a possible target of theft identity. Habitually monitor your credit report. Replacing the card

As you monitor your credit status, make plans of getting another card. Locate and visit the nearest Social Security Administration Office.

If you are over eighteen, visit the office with unexpired documents. These are State ID, Driver’s License or a US Passport. This applies to US citizens. Non-citizens should have a Resident card or an Employment Authorization one. A Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of Citizenship will be required for US citizens not born home. They were once resident aliens. The replacement can be done with or without an application.

If you are under eighteen, the process is slightly different. The child can go in person. However, SSA needs their documents. A child’s driver’s license, State ID or US Passport are the most used. Others are religious baptismal cards, school ID, and vaccination record.They only have to be signed, legitimate, and contain the name and date of birth. For children under the age of twelve years, the parent or guardian uses their legal documents together with the child’s ID.

SSA can only replace your card and on very rare occasions do they assign a new number. If you are a victim of identity theft that has caused vicious harm to your credit then you may be assigned a new number. However, the new one is still linked to the old number.

Each person is only allowed ten card replacements in their lifetime. Take good responsibility for your card. However, if you find yourself entangled in an unavoidable ID loss, be sure to follow the above steps.