To return to lowercase, select [Shift] again. If this option is selected, a check mark is added. The one touch buttons M01 to M20 are provided for Stored Programming 1 to Refer to the Network Administrator Guide for details. This feature is called “E-mail Printing”.

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Page 17 Appendix 3. Output Format Aeposport Separators Inserting Blank Sheets between Transparencies A blank sheet can be output inserted as a separator between copied transparencies.

Fx Apeosport 450 I Ps B Driver Download

Features Overview 9 Computer Operations Features Overview This section describes the overview of features that can be operated on a computer. Select [Print] from the [File] menu of the application. Users Controlled by Authentication The following is an explanation about the different user types that are controlled by the Authentication feature.

Common Settings Custom Buttons 1 to 3 Assign features to the custom buttons on the control panel: Select a copy or print job. ApeosPort You can select from 6 positions for the date. Features Overview Proxy Server and Port Number The following describes proxy server settings and a port number required for this service.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers for Mac OS X Driver – TechSpot

Page 15 Maintenance Hold the orange lever of the staple cartridge holder and pull it out of the machine. Overview of Machine Status The latest 50 errors are printed.


Display apeosprt [Send Options] screen by selecting the [Send Options] tab. Lift up the release lever of the drum cartridge, and slide the drum cartridge apeoeport until you can lift the handle on top of the drum cartridge. Problem Solving 16 Problem Solving This chapter describes problems that may occur with the machine and their solutions.

You can specify a total of up to addresses, either selecting from the address book or by direct input. Overview Of Auditron Administration 14 Authentication and Auditron Administration Overview of Auditron Apeospoort This section describes an overview of the Auditron Administration features that can be used with the machine.

Secure Print Printing and Deleting Stored Documents Secure Print This section describes how to print or delete documents stored with the secure print feature.

Stored Programming not only remembers feature settings, but also can record a series of operations. Close the front cover of apepsport finisher. Open the Os 5 bypass. The Power Saver feature has two modes: For information on error codes, refer to “Error Code” To use the scan features, network settings are required. Page 62 3 Copy Select any item. Page When this message appears, replace the staple cartridge with a new one.

Name Allows you to change the name of the document. Specify the scan size to scan non-standard size documents or to scan with the different size from the original document size.


Machine Status 13 Machine Status This chapter describes the features for checking the machine status. Print and Delete Starts printing the document. Page Fax Mode Settings Incoming iFax Print Options When an e-mail is received from an iFax supporting machine addressed to the e-mail address of the machine, you can select the print operation.

On the [Check Mailbox] screen, select a mailbox.


For information on the network settings, refer to the Network Administrator Guide. The document is not fed Cause The document size is too small. Unable to get the string after ” ” in the destination IP address when sending e-mail. Document Jams Document Jams Document Jams If a document is jammed in the document feeder, the machine stops and an error message is displayed on the screen.

Keyboard E-mail Recipient Name Searches with a recipient name as a keyword.

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